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Student Attendance Information
Student attendance is extremely important to each student's academic success and to maintain enrollment at Richarte High School.  Texas Mandatory Attendance policy states that a child who has not yet reached their 19th birthday shall attend school unless exempted by law.  Failure to attend at least 90% of the days in the semester could result in the loss of credits earned during that time period.
If a student is going to be absent for any reason, a parent / guardian MUST contact the school, either by phone call or email to:,  with the following information:
  •  Caller's name
  •  Caller's contact number
  •  Student's name
  •  Reason for absence
 Please be aware of the following policies regarding absences:
  • Illness - Must be verified by parent phone call or note
  • Medical - Must bring a note from the doctor's office
  • Doctor's Appointment - Must bring a note from the doctor's office
  • Excused - Must bring note from parent / guardian stating reason for absence  NOTE:  oversleeping or missing a rides is not a valid excuse
  • Court - Must bring a note from the court clerk
  • Religious Observance - Written request must be submitted to the Principal prior to the observation of a religious holiday.  Religious holiday and up to two travel days will be excused.  If more travel time is required, it may be excused at the discretion of the Principal.
  • Unexcused - Occurs when a student misses classes but does not have a valid reason with or without a note from a parent / guardian.
  • Truant - An illegal absence from school.  A student is considered truant when he or she leaves school without permission or is out of their assigned area without permission.  RHS is a closed campus - students may not leave school property for lunch.

Contact Information: